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Thank you for your interest in Legacy Dance Productions! We are now accepting registrations for our 2023/24 season. All registration is done online on Studio Director: an online portal where you can access all your account info, charges and make payments. Please note that your spot is not guaranteed until you have paid the registration fee, and first and last month's tuition.


How much is the registration fee?

The first dancer is $30+gst, and each dancer after that is $20+gst. This is a non-refundable fee.

When does registration close?

Registration closes September 1st for our company and competitive teams, and October 1st for our recreational team.

How much is it a month for classes?

Your monthly tuition cost will depend on how many classes you take. Please refer to our pricing chart here.

Why do we pay tuition from September to June?

Tuition is pro-rated, meaning the cost for one season is evenly split across 10 months.

How much are costumes?

We require all dancers to pay a costume deposit for each routine they're in.
This is $100 for Company /Competitive Teams, and $75 for the Recreational Team. Anything on top of the deposit will be charged when the costumes have come in, or any left over will be credited back to you.

Do all classes perform in the Year End Recitals?

YES! All classes with a routine perform in our year end recitals in May. All Recreational Team routines will be in 1 show, and Company/Competitive team routines will be in 1-3.
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